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March Update

April 1, 2011

March witnessed a lot of travel (I’m still on the road as I write this) and some significant projects,  therefore I have posted very little on the Forcing Change blog during the month.

– Worked on and completed a chapter for an upcoming book. At this point I can’t share much about it, except that it’s a group project, so there will be other authors contributing to it.

– Pulled together two major presentation: One on Technocracy, the other on Transhumanism. I presented these lectures to the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference.

– Spent a week running a spotlight for the Hamilton County passion play, “Behold the Lamb” (Noblesville, IN). This was an incredible year! Many people heard the solid Gospel message, and the play itself went smoothly (there’s always little glitches with a production of this size). The big surprise was a tornado that touched down in Noblesville during the play. We had to evacuate the auditorium during the crucifixion scene and stuff the cast/crew and audience into the side hallways. This was no small thing! The cast and crew number around 400, and the audience 1000.

– Areas of study this month included eugenics (reviewing material from 1880-1915) and Saint Simon/Comte’s worldview.  Theosophy, Freemasonry, and other esoteric-minded groups were also studied regarding notions of human “perfection.”

– Did a presentation at the Dauphin, MB Toastmasters club using the Better Speaker Series, which was a first for me.

– Read three books: James Rollins’ “Subterranean” (this wasn’t the best fiction I’ve read), Peter Hammond’s short but very important report, “Holocaust in Rwanda” (you can find this at Frontline Fellowship), and Warren Smith’s newest work, “False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?” – a timely and important book I recommend giving to pastors and laypeople alike.

– Big find with the metal detector! I recovered a nice white gold or platinum (I need to get it tested) wedding band. Obviously this wasn’t in Manitoba, as my home province is still covered in ice and snow. NOTE: I just got it tested. Silver! Still, a very nice find!

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  1. April 1, 2011 10:14 pm

    wow. nice find. I’d be happy if I just found hubby’s wedding ring that’s been missing in the kitchen for 4 years.

    You’ve been busy 🙂 I appreciated your presentations at the Red River Bible conference.

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