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January 2011 Update

February 9, 2011

Here’s a brief run-down for the month of January…

– Published the January issue of Forcing Change; and it was on-time! If you haven’t read it yet, you’re going to want to. Dr. Martin Erdmann did an excellent job connecting early LSD experimentation with the quest for a techno-oriented New Age worldview. Sidebars were added to expand on different elements of this report, including the link between between the Emergent Church and the East-West “integration” model of Esalen and Ken Wilber, the CIA-LSD connection, and the LSD experimentation that took place in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

– Read Marc Schooley’s latest book Konig’s Fire – a speculative Christian novel that I quite liked. Marc is from Texas, and he has taken the time two years in a row to attend the Westman Bible Conference in Brandon, Manitoba. Check out the publisher’s page about Mr. Schooley here. I also read the short Carnegie Endowment report, Regional Trading Blocs: The Way to the Future?. And I re-read Julian Huxley’s brief but important book, UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy.

– I was interviewed on Frances and Friends, and we tackled the subject of Communism and its influx in the Western world. Jan Markell from Olive Tree Ministries interviewed myself regarding Transhumanism, to be aired sometime in February.

On a more personal level…

– Opened the year celebrating with good friends; lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of memories of old… and talk of making new ones.

– We attended the baptism of my niece in Morris, Manitoba; this was a special weekend with family and friends. To top it off, we ended up storm-stayed because of blowing snow. And of course, I tried to make it through a big drift with the Outlander – it’s amazing how high up I got on the snow bank before it broke through and hung-up. Ahhh… shoveling during a blizzard, what fun!

– Spent one week at Elkhorn with my family, and the family of Dave & Cathi Dyck (Cathi edits Scita>Scienda). Cathi and I agreed we wouldn’t bring any editorial or research work to the resort – this was to be a week of relaxing and re-energizing. I have to admit, it took almost the full week before I finally felt “slowed down.” There’s no question I needed the down-time; 2011 is shaping up to be one of the craziest years ever, and the stress level was high as we entered January. So Elkhorn was a beautiful break; snowshoeing, swimming, and tobogganing were highlights. And as Wasagaming is utterly empty during the winter months, we spent an evening riding the streets on a boogie board while towed behind a big ol’ diesel – laughing and choking on smoke and snow dust… that’s living! A huge “thank-you” to the Dyck family!


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