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Acid Dreams and World Change

January 29, 2011

Take the pill…

Are we living in a chemically-induced and chemically-inspired global society? This was the dream of the psychedelic founding fathers. Before Timothy Leary and the hippie craze brought LSD to the forefront of 60’s culture, a group of world-change elites were envisioning a global society that would be chemically modified to accept occult-cosmic philosophies. Christianity was to be rejected, and the world would become One through the power of acid and Eastern mysticism.

But that’s history… what’s in the past stays in the past, right? Wrong.

The January 2011 issue of Forcing Change contains a significant report by a guest author who outlines the chemical/scientific and spiritual drive towards a One-World system. Sidebars with extra details have been added throughout the report, bringing to light other elements of this story, including espionage links, the mystical agenda of Esalen, the Weyburn LSD connection (for Canadian prairie residents, you know where this is! – all others, you have to read this outstanding issue), and the influence of Esalen-integration behind the Emergent church movement.

The importance of dealing with this topic, even at the preliminary level, is obvious: it sets a foundation for understanding your chemically-saturated world. Think about it.

Download the January 2011 issue of Forcing Change today.

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