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What’s Taking Place in 2011

January 7, 2011

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”
There’s a lot of truth to the above saying. Even if a person can’t change the larger trends, having a knowledge of the cultural, political, and religious shifts now taking place gives one the ability to discern the times; to understand how our society is changing, and where these challenges impact our communities.

In the past, Forcing Change has produced a “calendar of events” for the new year – outlining dozens of events in a multitude of different areas; political, cultural, economic, military, and religious. While each of these fields are diverse, a common thread can be ascertained. This theme weaves itself, year-after-year, within the international community, and it filters through to national, state/provincial, and local levels. In a nutshell: Transformation – collectively and individually.

Do you want to know what events are scheduled for 2011? Download your copy of Forcing Change today!

P.S. A few weeks ago a new podcast was placed in the membership section of Forcing Change. This audio-cast takes you through an earlier FC edition; “The Rise of Techno-Gods,” and contains extra materials to help you better understand the Transhuman program. In the future, FC will be uploading new podcasts based on different edition of Forcing Change. Check it out!

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