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December Update

January 6, 2011

Here’s the December update.

Teichrib Family, 2010

– It started out with two days of radio interviews with Brannon Howse from Worldview Radio. At first a one-day interview was slated, but it became apparent that an extra slot had to be added. Why? The topic of transhumanism traverses a number of important fields of interest; from religion to technology to politics, and it’s deeply rooted in historical movements that had to be explored.

– Books Read: Tom & Nita Horn, Forbidden Gates; John Glad, Future Human Evolution: Eugenics in the Twenty-First Century; C.P. Snow, Science and Government; Jules Verne, A Journey to the Center of the Earth (read this as a family and enjoyed it immensely); H.G. Wells, The Sleeper Awakes; and Don K. Rowney, Transition to Technocracy: The Structural Origins of the Soviet Administrative State.

– Research focused extensively on the role of major foundations, with a particular interest in the Carnegie family of institutions. Worked through a number of major documents on the history of foundations, including the massive 1954 Congressional volume, Tax-Exempt Foundations.

– Fielded numerous questions and queries on Mennonite involvement with Islam. Further, there is an underlying Marxist-orientation within significant elements of the Mennonite community, especially in the context of world peace and social justice. Yes, there is a Menno-Muslim-Marxist worldview that could be collectively dubbed a “cult of peace.”

– Put together a “Global Calendar of Events” for 2011: This is an extensive listing of political, religious, and cultural events designed to advance global transformation. This calendar can be found in the December 2010 edition of Forcing Change.

– Went to a lot of Christmas events; homeschool and church concerts, family gatherings, and meeting with friends. It was all very good, but very tiring too.

– Finished my last month as chairman of my local congregation: It’s been a good two-year experience, with lots of lessons learned, challenges, and times of encouragement.

– 2011 is going to be busy! Already different speaking and research opportunities for this new year started cropping up in December. This is going to be a very interesting year!

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