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Communism Today: Dead or Alive?

December 9, 2010

Communism is dead, or so I’ve been told.

But if that’s the case, why did so many Marxist banners wave on Washington’s Mall in early October? Why are so many student groups reverting to pro-socialist rhetoric on campuses? And why has a flurry of websites come online, dedicated to Marxist ideology and revolution, including social anarchism? Churches too are not immune, with many advocating a thinly veiled form of class warfare under the “social justice” flag. Even major Christian authors are advocating a hipped-up Marxist worldview; Brian McLaren suggests that we follow the global governance model of Jim Garrison (Everything Must Change, pp.262-263). In case you don’t know, Mr. Garrison – now the director of Wisdom University, a school of esoteric/occult studies – formerly headed the Gorbachev Foundation USA and played a significant role in advancing Gorbachev’s “new civilization” (a global Perestroika) based on “the Leninist concept of socialist construction…”


Geo-politically, it appears that Marxism has gained significant traction. “Progressives,” some with connections to radical groups, hold postings in Western governments; the latest Republican sweep notwithstanding. Leftist parties have taken power in a multitude of countries, and unknown to most, the Socialist International has become one of the most influential players in the global community. Beyond party politics, the two most powerful and historically important Communist nations – Russia and China – are now deepening military, economic, and intelligence ties. The ghosts of the Cold War are stirring.

But didn’t the Bear become a democrat? And didn’t the Dragon turn into a factory for cheap, plastic goods?

As Christopher Story, the recently deceased editor of the Soviet Analyst once wrote; “The West has registered only the myth that Communism has been disbanded.”

But Communism is dead! Or maybe we’re just asleep – lulled to complacency through the power of a myth. For it could arguably be said that today the West has fallen under the strategic spell of International Socialism. Karl Marx is in our streets, with his beard shaved into a fashionable goatee, flying an American flag, and shouting anti-capitalist slogans. And the Bear and the Dragon are holding hands.

Check out this edition of Forcing Change, in which a number of guest authors tackle the strategic side of Communism, the growing reach of the Socialist International, the rise of a Bear/Dragon coalition, and even how Marxist-styled collectivism makes its way into your community.

If you’re a member of Forcing Change, download your copy today. Read it, wrestle through it, educate yourself. Shake off the myth, for Communism is alive and well.

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