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November Update

December 1, 2010

Here’s how November looked. What a month…

Our backyard - November, 2010

– In the beginning of the month my son found a 1912 Canadian one cent piece while metal detecting around an old train station. A very cool find! (Obviously this was before the snow came and the ground froze).

– The September issue of Forcing Change highlighted Social Justice, and the feedback carried over into November; including a radio show interview with Steel on Steel.

– My webmaster, bless her, received her first threatening email. 

– Published the Forcing Change edition on Transhumanism, “The Rise of Techno-Gods.” Wow! The response has been very interesting! Over the month I received some critical feedback from Transhuman supporters (see the comments in the “Lucifer” posting below), which sparked some good discussion. This edition also raised interest with a lot of other people, including researchers and critics of Transhumanism, hence RaidersNewsNetwork picked up the piece and I was interviewed by Derek Gilbert on his talk show, View From The Bunker.

– Spoke at the Westman Bible Conference and had a great time meeting new people and reacquainting with friends. Also spoke at the St. Laurent Chapel (on the other side of Lake Manitoba), and it was nice to reconnect with those fine people.

– Winter hit us in central Manitoba, and I’m not prepared! In mid-November we received our first snow, and since then have had a series of mini-blizzards. Thankfully the temperatures haven’t been extreme, as the coldest was -18 (ambient), but we did have a lot of wind. I managed to plastic one side of the house and mound snow up as an insulating wind break. And with the snow almost knee deep, my son and I did a lot of shoveling. We did have some fun, however, making a quinzhee and an adjacent snow tunnel.

– Finished reading The Devil’s Secret Name by Jim Morris, which detailed his travels as a war journalist and offered some good insights into national liberation movements, the Marxist aspect of the Palestinian movement, and the proxy element of third-world conflicts during the Cold War era. Read Robert Littell’s The Revolutionist, an historical novel on the Russian Civil War and life under Communist rule, and finished Nikolai Vasetsky’s short book, Trotskyism Today: Whose Interests Does it Serve? I also spent time reviewing other materials on social revolution, Marxism, and Communism. Other subjects I had to explore in November: the human “perfection” ideologies of Theosophy and Freemasonry, and Muslim/Christian interfaith partnering.

– Leanne and I, along with two good friends, went to the showing of Warren Miller’s Wintervention (here’s the trailer). Oh to be twenty years younger…

– Completed my editing work on Gary Kah’s newsletter, Hope For The World Update.

– Managed to spend a little more time in the bush at our cabin site (cleaning up tools, etc). My dad was a huge help in building up a trail to the location. Unfortunately, his diesel tractor developed a head leak while working on the trail, and we had to tow it thirty miles to a mechanic.

– Lots of mechanical failures and problems: Our Mitsubishi had a front wheel bearing go out. Close to the same time my GM pickup truck developed tire problems, the battery died and had to be replaced (it was only two years old!), and the master-cylinder developed a bad leak. What fun. Had troubles with the sump pump in the west drainage well.

– Cataloged a bunch of books from my library. I use Library Thing. This is a fantastic online program that I highly recommend. I’m looking forward to the day when the entire collection will be cataloged.

– Wildlife in our part of rural Manitoba is abundant. Over the month we saw numerous whitetail dear, coyotes, red fox, long-tailed weasels (in beautiful white with black-tipped tails), jack rabbits, and eagles.

– And finally, November was a month of church meetings – lots of meetings. That said, it’s good to work with a group who recognizes the core goal of proclaiming God’s truth, and while disagreements occur (hello, we’re human), non-essential differences can be acknowledged and worked through.

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  1. December 2, 2010 5:58 pm

    Winter hit us, too! As I get older I like the cold even less.

  2. MikefromND permalink
    December 3, 2010 1:55 pm

    Looks like camping season is over for you! I’m not sure that we would much enjoy an overnight in a quinzhee unless we were caught out-of-doors in a blizzard. I enjoyed your transhumanism article. Finally got around to watching the documentary “Technocalyps”. Interesting.

    Do we, too, get points for being skunked?

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