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October Update

November 4, 2010

At the end of each month I’m going to try writing a brief update on the past 4-5 weeks. This will be a mix of personal and professional highlights. Here are a few of the October happenings.

– Scott and Austin, my two children, got baptized! This was the highlight of the year. While it’s not that baptism saves a person, the act of it as a public acknowledgment of Jesus Christ is what makes this a special time. Moreover, I’m thankful that they’re good friends with each other, a rarity among teen siblings these days (thanks Hollywood). Therefore, the fact that they did this together made the day extra special.

– Attended the Transhumanism and Spirituality conference in Salt Lake City on October 1st. Wild stuff! Expect a Forcing Change report very soon.

– Took my family on this Salt Lake City trip. Along the way we spent time with some great friends in Utah, Shane and Kim Jones of Tri-Grace Ministries, a ministry designed to impact Mormon students with the Gospel of the true Jesus Christ. This was a good learning experience, for we were able to see and discuss the challenges of Mormonism, especially as Tri-Grace is located in the heart of Mormon country. We also explored Maple Canyon with the Jones’ family; a truly amazing place with massive conglomerate walls. In all, we traveled through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Although it was a fast trip, we were able to spend a little time in Arches National Park, poke around the lava fields of Idaho, and do a short tour of Wind Caves in South Dakota. Along the way we picked up some cool rock specimens and saw lots of amazing country.

– In the beginning of October the September issue of Forcing Change was released; “The Fallacy of Social Justice: All for One and Theft to All.” Sigh… My release of Forcing Change is always a little late. I need 48 hours in a day.

– Worked on putting together this blog site and a Facebook page for Forcing Change. I need to get FC circulating! Spent time with my webmaster and worked to clean up some areas of the Forcing Change website. It’s rare that we’re able to meet face-to-face, even though we only live 65 miles apart, so it was good to reconnect.

– Lots of great feedback on the FC Social Justice article! I did a radio interview with Frances and Friends on the topic, and received a request to tape an interview for an upcoming Steel on Steel radio show on the same theme. Finally, received a TV interview request. Details still have to be worked out.

– Came down with a wicked head cold that effectively knocked me out of the loop for over a week.

– Read The Soul in CyberSpace by Douglas Groothuis, You Are Not A Gadget by Jaron Lanier, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom (this was our family-time reading), and The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and Germany’s Eastern Policy – a short but insightful look into a part of World War I history that I’ve found troubling. Spent time reading through articles and reports on Transhumanism, and poked around in The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship, the massive research volume of Phillip and Paul Collins.

– Spent time re-reviewing the PLO charter, and some historical documents and communique from Hezbollah, Hamas, OPEC, and the Arab League. The reason: to better understand the background positions and agenda items behind the Arab/Israeli conflict, and the historical use of the Palestinians as a proxy of the League of Arab States and major socialist players – including the former Soviet Union.

– Studied Romans 13. This text has been so misconstrued and misused as a call for Christians to “obey” government without thinking. The book of Romans was written by Paul, and ironically his epistles are referred to as the “Prison Epistles.” Why? Because Paul was in jail. Why? Because he didn’t obey the mandate of officials. There’s so much more going on in Romans 13 that we fail to recognize. I haven’t got it “all figured out,” but I know that blind obedience isn’t what’s being asked for. Acts 5:29-32 plays into this thorny issue.

– Re-connected with a friend who is working through some unique angles to Psalm 102:1-3. Another friend, Mark Vande Pol, author of Natural Process, called to discuss the implications of  Shemitta and its deeper roots in Genesis. I confess I don’t understand it all, and recognize that I have a long learning curve in so many areas. Check out the links to Mark’s two sites.

– Cataloged a bunch of books from my library. I use Library Thing. This is a fantastic online program that I highly recommend.

– Spoke at the Fortier Gospel Chapel. Great people! Fortier is a little hamlet between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

– Spent some time in the bush working on a future cabin site; a long held dream of ours. This is a great way to get some badly needed fresh air. Does anybody have a pile of 12 foot 2X10’s or 2X8’s kicking around that needs to be cleaned up?

– Got a chance to closely look over and sit in a Delica L400 (the link takes you to an example of a nice L400). I’ve been looking at the L400 for over a year. It would be a fantastic asset in our “neck of the woods.” Maybe someday…

October slid by way too fast.

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