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Controversy with a capital “R”

October 26, 2010

I just finished a two hour live broadcast with “Frances and Friends” based on the latest edition of Forcing Change. The topic: Social Justice, and its connection to Marxism and Vatican versions of collectivism.

Controversial topics? Sure, but things got really interesting when the issue of “race” was brought up by a call-in. That stirred up the pot, and kept it boiling until the end of the show.

In all of this, what I loath is how we have been artificially divided by skin pigment, eye or nose shape, hair or eye color, and how these physical attributes – which are truly beautiful – have been used to ferment anger and distrust.

An approachable book on this topic is “Darwin’s Plantation: Evolution’s Racists Roots” by Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware.



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