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One Nation Under Social Leftism

October 23, 2010

One Nation under what? Liberty? Freedom? What?
Earlier in October, the One Nation rally took place in Washington D.C. Converging from every corner of America, this event brought together union activists, radical feminists, “peace” groups, members of left-wing religious bodies, Marxists and Maoists, supporters of socialists institutions, and leftist non-governmental organizations. The ghosts of Lenin, Che Guevara, and Mao seemed to march in solidarity with the new revolutionaries from the interfaith, green, and peace crowds.

And one theme bound them all: Social Justice.

For readers of Forcing Change, this theme shouldn’t be surprising. If you had read the latest issue of FC, it dealt with the historical roots of Marxist-based social justice and the slippery-slope of Catholic social justice – both as forms of Collectivism. Then, FC tackled some of the Biblical responses to social justice, demonstrating that a more reasonable and responsible alternative already exists.

Because of the importance of this subject, Forcing Change has re-released the current issue, adding some important bridging material – especially in the section on Catholicism – and re-formating the layout to make it more vibrant.

Whether or not you read the latest issue earlier on in the month, go to the Members section today, log-in, and download this revamped version. Make copies or send the PDF file to your pastor, to friends, and to colleagues.

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