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Church Unaware

October 15, 2010

This morning I was reading some material by Warren Smith, a former New Age follower who came to the real Jesus Christ after a dark encounter with the spirit world (more specifically this encounter impacted his wife, Joy), and was subsequently told to read Ephesians 6:10-12. Ironically, the one who told Warren and Joy to read Ephesians was the wife of Warren’s New Age teacher, a man by the name of Frank. In trying to shake the spiritual oppression, Frank led them through a visualization session and some teachings from A Course in Miracles. Afterward, Frank’s wife blurted out: “Put on the full armor of God and stand fast against the wiles of the devil!” (Warren Smith, The Light That Was Dark, p.117).

Such a strange thing to say! And yet, Warren and Joy looked up the passage, and a process of learning and freedom began.

All this said, what struck me this morning was a simple line from Mr. Smith.

“Does the Church have any idea what is going on?”

Generally speaking: Nope. Today the church has embraced a plethora of New Age concepts and esoteric techniques. From labyrinths to visualization sessions to “Christian” yoga – the church has adopted the ways of mysticism and Eastern spirituality. Moreover, the church has generally floundered when it comes to the historic and contemporary challenges: Evolution, psychology, interfaithism and the challenge of cults and other religions, social change through the education system and popular culture, the “Green” religion. And the list could go on.

Therefore, the question in my mind arises: How will the church handle the big challenges that are coming down the pike? Transhumanism and singularity, global governance, a world ethics and united theology, “Official Disclosure,” the Pagan Awakening…

Unless we take Ephesians 6 seriously, and start to understand deception – something Jesus Himself warned about in Matthew – the church will remain ineffective in the face of monumental social shifts.

Go ahead. Open your Bible. Read Ephesians.

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